Bicycle Accidents

California Bicyclists Have Rights On The Road

Whether you ride a bicycle for daily commuting, exercise or enjoyment, you know how dangerous it can be to try and share the road with cars and trucks. Often, poorly-marked bike lanes, distracted drivers, and other road hazards turn a pleasant ride into a terrifying obstacle course.

Contrary to what some drivers believe, bicycles are not supposed to be ridden on the sidewalk. California law considers a bicycle to be a vehicle, with the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers.

However, drivers of cars and trucks sometimes forget that cyclists have the same right to share road space, making car-on-bike accidents the most common potential danger that bicyclists face.

When drivers of heavy cars and trucks collide with a cyclist, riders can experience injuries that require extensive medical care and rehabilitation, including:

Bicycle Accident Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re a cyclist in an accident involving a car or truck, there are things you should and shouldn’t do to protect your ability to file a claim:

  • Always wait for the police to arrive, even if you feel relatively unharmed. Police can confirm the driver’s identity and will make a report of the incident.
  • Don’t settle for the cash in a driver’s wallet for visible damages. Driver’s may try to negotiate with you, but deny responsibility later on, leaving you unprotected for any additional medical injuries or damages that you may not have foreseen.
  • Take the time to speak with the police and give them your side of the story. Often drivers will claim cyclist negligence, and it’s important that your recollection of the events are taken down in a statement and on the record.
  • Ask a witness to gather the other driver’s contact details if you are too injured to do so.
  • Get medical treatment immediately so that doctors can determine the extent of your injuries and assess potential long-term damage.
  • Never communicate directly with the driver’s insurance company. First speak with a bicycle accident attorney so that your statements or recollections of the incident can’t be twisted or construed as an admission of liability.

We Take California Bicycle Accidents Seriously

If you’ve been injured in any cycling accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced bicycle accident attorney in order to protect your rights to recover just compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, trauma, inconvenience, disability and pain.

At the Mann Law Firm, our personal injury and bicycle accident attorneys work hard to protect your rights and maximize your potential insurance settlement.

If you are a cyclist and have been involved in an accident, particularly one involving a car or truck, a consultation with the Mann Law Office can be an essential first step towards receiving the justice you are entitled to and proper compensation for your injuries.

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